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Unique Features & Benefits of FMM Equipment in This Type of Application Include


  • One of the few units available that meets the Govt upcoming anti scald legislation TMV2 & TMV3 Approved. 
  • Double protection world patented thermostatic & pressure balance control means fastest anti scald cut off available 0.2 of a second should cold supply fail
  • Constant Temperature Regardless of pressure fluctuations
  • Easy Clean



  • Robust brass construction for long life & reliability
  • Quick & easy to fit & maintain
  • 10 year guarantees
  • No call backs or complaints, fit & forget
  • One Stop Shop
  • Prompt delivery from stock . Spares within 24 hours
  • ISO 9002 & ISO 14002 Quality Assured Company
  • Swedish technical innovation & engineering





  • Thermostatic & pressure balanced control evens out peaks and troughs supplying constant temperature at outlet regardless of system fluctuations. No more scalding or  ice cold shower shocks
  • Pressure balancing evens out system demands supplying constant temperature to outlets and as such is ideal for potential unbalanced systems normally associated with multi user and multi floor applications.
  • 0 Degrees Temperature Differential
  • Full range of individual and group mixing valves to suit any and all applications
  • Only manufacturer that actually guarantees performance


Value for Money

  • Long trouble free working life far beyond guarantees.
  • No built in obsolescence.
  • Interchange ability.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No fault or maintenance call backs.
  • Optional water & energy conservation fittings.
  • Reduced whole life cost.


Optional water & energy saving accessories available on all showers taps and mixing valves

9971-4700 Sporting Panel

Pre assembled extra slim panel shower made of adonised aluminum with anti tamper, scale proof water saving shower head.  If you are looking for a unit that is anti tamper combined with designer good looks and service free this is the unit for you.  No more bulky shower panels this slim line extra flat profile push button air operated unit with water saving head measures 1 meter tall by 7 cm wide by 2cm depth is the most compact on the market. ideally suites to sports centers gyms swimming pools, accommodation blocks, schools and barracks. Quick and east to fit and maintenance free.



FM Mattsson’s 9000 range combines elegant and modern good looks with world beating technical innovation. All 9000 taps come with FM Mattssonn’s patented soft close baffled piston which cuts water noise to a whisper and prevents water hammer in the pipe work. No mater how quickly the tap is switched off the supply is gently closed down using our integral water piston. All taps also come with integral temperature and flow limiter which can be easily adjusted to suit applications if required. Units supply a champagne type flow which gives improved coverage and wetting ability improving client comfort and satisfaction. Performance and reliability comes as standard with FM Mattsson taps

FMM03 Shower Mixer Kit

The worlds first thermostatic & Pressure balanced mixer makes this unit the primary choice of all the UK major leisure groups. If the cols supply should fail this unit shuts down in under half a second. Our double action temperature control also means that the set temperature is maintained at all times regardless of pressure and supply fluctuations. Total stability and performance we guarantee, this unit really does think for its self. The mixer can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit customer requirement and application.


9215 shower mixer kit designed for use with combination boilers

Worlds first thermostatic & pressure balanced mixer with unrivalled anti scalding protection.  If the cold supply should fail this unit shuts off in under half second.  FM Mattsson double action temperature control also means that the set temperature is maintained at all times regardless of pressure or supply fluctuations. Total stability and performance we guarantee, this unit really does think for its self.  This mixer can be supplied in a variety of combinations to suit customer requirement and application.  For ease of maintenance these units can be supplied with wall fixing plate with integral isolation valves enabling the unit to be replaced with other FM Mattson units should the application change facilitating total flexibility and interchange ability

Case Studies

Aldershot Garrison Chooses FM Mattsson Mixers

Aldershot Garrison home of the British Army has chosen FM Mattson 9211-7500 thermostatic & pressure balanced mixers as its standard shower mixer for all new installations and refurbishments throughout the garrison.

Taking into consideration the applications, environment and levels of usage the specification required was understandably very high.

They included requirements for the unit to be:

Quick & Easy to install

Reliable & Robust

Have a Reduced whole life cost

Safe and easy to use

Quick and easy to maintain

Value for money

The 9211-7500 mixer unit met and exceeded these specifications and as such is now the mixer of choice at the Army's largest garrison in the UK .

Case Study Aldershot Garrison

Aldershot Garrison, the home of the British Army is one of the largest garrisons in the UK with over 3500 troops in barracks at any one time.   As one would expect at such a location utilities such as gas electricity and water are very significant expenses. The government's commitment to reduce carbon emissions has now meant that even the Army is now targeted to reduce energy consumption.   With this in mind Aldershot Garrison Estates Dept initiated a wide ranging energy conservation programme.   4 years after its inception this programme is well ahead of target and under budget.   The first phase and cornerstone of this very successful initiative was the installation of the Aquiv8 aerating water saving showerheads. After 6 months of on site testing and technical evaluation by DERA (Defence Evaluation & Research Agency) Aquiv8 units were installed throughout the Garrison and proved to be an immediate success. With over 680 showerheads installed there was a dramatic drop in water usage and consequently in water heating requirements.

Savings In The First Year After Installation



Water Heating  


Payback period    12 Weeks

Aqiv8 Water Saving Showerheads are now fitted throughout the Army's second largest garrison at Catterick in Yorkshire and there is an ongoing programme of installation at Army Barracks and RAF bases across the UK.

Following on from the great success of the Aqiv8 Showerheads, Aldershot Garrison has now embarked on a programme of fitting our FM Mattsson Thermostatic & Pressure Balanced mixing valves. Built with robust reliability and good design in mind the mixers come with a 5 year guarantee on temperature stability and anti calcification.   The garrison estate department commented that FM Mattson Mixers meet all their primary requirements.

  • Value For Money
  • Reliability
  • Reduced Whole Life Costs
  • Meeting Goverment Environmental Requirements


FM Mattsson Sponsor Energy Efficiency Awards at Aldershot


On Monday 17 th March 2003 , 22 Field Hospital received 2nd Prize in the regional energy efficiency awards which were hosted by Aldershot based 145 (Home Counties) Brigade. Major Del Pooley and L/Cpl Koopa Oxspring received their awards from Brigade Commander Brigadier Richard Morris.The trophies were provided by Russell & Simon Challis of FM Mattsson. First prize went to Abingdon station and third prize was won by 47 Regiment Royal Artillery in Thorney Island near Portsmouth .The competition is linked to huge financial savings within the brigade area. Units were judged not only on their savings and effectiveness of work but also on utilities management structure and their commitment to making savings on fuels and water usage.

Reproduced courtesy of Aldershot Garrison Herald
Photo Courtesy of Media Ops (MOD)

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