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Unique Features & Benefits of FMM Equipment in This Type of Application Include


  • One of the few units available that has thermostatic control over  both shower and bath fill.  No risk of child filling bath with scalding water. TMV 3 TMV 2 Approved.
  • Double protection world patented thermostatic & pressure balance control means fastest anti scald cut off available 0.2 of a second should cold supply fail
  • Child proof anti tamper temperature control 38º

Infection Control


With the aid of our new Ag+ Anti Bacterial Shower Heads infection control now has a new enforcer.  Coupled with our new recycling scheme, where we provide new showerheads and hoses every 3 months, microbial and limescale build up does not have a chance.  Combined with reduced costs and maintenance requirement the Challis Ag+ Recycling scheme is proving increasingly popular option for many NHS Trusts. To go straight to our Challis Ag+ Recycling Web Page:            CLICK HERE

To watch our new Ag+ Recycling Scheme video CLICK HERE

To watch our new Ag+ shower Head video          CLICK HERE


  • Robust brass construction for long life & reliability
  • Quick & easy to fit & maintain
  • Designed for & ideally suited for use with combination boilers
  • 10 year guarantees
  • No call backs or complaints, fit & forget
  • Prompt delivery from stock . Spares within 24 hours
  • ISO 9002 & ISO 14002 Quality Assured Company
  • Swedish technical innovation & engineering


  • Water & Energy Saving units available, cutting householders utility bills not performance
  • Shower mixer kits on the WTL Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
    enabling client to claim 100% tax relief on the capital cost of the equipment and installation costs.
  • Carbon Trust 0% Interest free loan over 4 years available subject to status.
  • Units 95% recycleable
  • Full Environmental Declaration


  • Thermostatic & pressure balanced control evens out peaks and troughs supplying constant temperature at outlet regardless of system fluctuations. No more scalding or  ice cold shower shocks
  • Pressure balancing evens out system demands supplying constant temperature to outlets and as such is ideal for potential unbalanced systems normally associated with multi user and multi floor applications.
  • 0 Degrees Temperature Differential
  • Designed for use with Combination Boilers
  • Only manufacturer that actually guarantees performance

Value for Money

  • Long trouble free working life far beyond guarantees.
  • No built in obsolescence.
  • Interchange ability.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No fault or maintenance call backs.
  • Optional water & energy conservation fittings.
  • Reduced whole life cost.
  • Fully recyclable ISO 14024 meeting environmental  requirements.


  • Perfect combination of design and      function.
  • Classic design that never goes out of   fashion.

Optional water & energy saving accessories available on all showers taps and mixing valves

Anti Scald

FM Mattsson offer a wide range of units specifically designed for the less abled.

Our thermostatically & pressure balanced cartridge available in all our mixers is widely regarded as having one of the fastest cut offs in the world at 0.2 of a second.  With our competitors at between 2.0 and 5.0 seconds our anti-scald protection is in a league of its own.

Backed up with TMV3 and DO8 approvals FM Mattsson provide the peace of mind that you get with installing one of the safest mixers in the world.TMV Logo

All our units come with specially designed controls that are easy and safe to use.  As an example our NEW Group Mixer which has been specifically designed for the healthcare market can supply several out lets at different tempratures which can be set by you enabling you to have unrivalled control and flexability with peace of mind as standard.  Couple this flexability with the fact that units can be fitted out and set to suit individual requirements and applications and you have a winning safe combination.


With over 600 accidents in the home involving scalding water in baths government have initiated a change to building regulation which will come into force in October 2009. This new legislation will involve the current TMV 2 scheme and the introduction of TMV 2 approvals.  This means that mixers that supply the shower and the bath fill will both now need to be thermostatically controlled thus avioding any likelyhood of a bath being filled with scalding water.  FM Mattsson bath shower mixers are one of the only mixers currently available that meets these stringent requirements.  FM Mattsson units with thier double protection of thermostatic and pressure balance control have one of the fastest anti-scald safety cut off times of any mixer in production (0.2 of a second) this along with a full compliment of approvals and guarantees ensures that you can rely on FM Mattsson mixers to provide your patients with the safest showering environment currently available.


Surface Temperature Scald Risk

As a result of a number of recent scalding incidents the NHS have identified a surface temperature scald risk associated with a majority of currently used TMV3 approved thermostatic mixing valves.

After testing and evaluation it has been found that many already installed mixing valves can have a very high surface temperature and when units are grabbed can result in serious risk of scalding particularly in the case of the elderly or children. With this in mind FM Mattsson has now developed the 9000E mixing unit that significantly reduces this risk (as detailed by temp below)


Surface Temp 900E Mixing Valve


This combination of legislative compliance regarding thermostatic control and low water flow to control water usage means that the vast majority of shower / bath mixer valves currently available on the market will be operating at the very edge of their envelope of performance and in most cases will fail completely to maintain stable flow and temperature control.  Challis Water Controls combination of thermostatic and pressure controls does not have these limitations and can work effectively and reliably at ultra low flows



Anti Bactus HoseLess abled, the infirmed and the young are undoubtedly vunerable to a variety of risks associated with any water system, one of the most dangerous being legionella. Within these vunerable groups legionella can be fatal.  With this in mind the Research & Development team at FM Mattsson has developed the first Anti Legionella hose kit for use with showers which significantly reduces the legionella risk.

FM Mattsson Safety Mixers

The Safest Just Got Safer

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