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Many thanks for your excellent customer service, Shower riser arrived yesterday, is superb value and just what I was looking for. Thanks again to all.

Mr D Sawyer   Godalming

Some months ago I purchased one of your 412 water saving showerheads and 3 tap aerators.  Iam pleased to confirm that not only have they reduced my water bill but also my gas bill as well.

Mr M. Cambell     Leeds

Thank you, Iam now in receipt of the water saving showerhead.  Just a short note to say how pleased we all are with its performance.  Not only has it halved our water useage but it has maintained the power shower feel we used to have with our old full flow head. Full marks.

Mr V.Turner    Thamesmead

The tap aerators you supplied recently have now solved my problem of high pressure splashback from the basin.  The champagne effect really does work.  We look forward to seeing our lower water bills.

Mrs D Cannings    Cirencester

Excellent service, quick response and delivery.  It’s a refreshing change to deal with a company with real customer care.

Mr P. Winstay     Northampton

For as many years as I can remember I have been putting up with shocks of scalding water in the shower every time another tap was turned on in the house or the toilet flushed. Thanks to your shower mixer I can have a comfortable shower with a constant temp regardless of what my wife turns on downstairs (on purpose).

Mr C. Panner    Bude

Thanks for introducing me to a genuinely new experience, “having a decent shower”

Mr T Dunning     Northolt

As a father of 3 daughters my bathroom time is rather restricted and I often have to put up with luke warm or cold showers due to running out of hot water (after my daughters).  Last week I fitted your 260 water saving shower head. For the first time in ages I had a nice hot shower. Our hot water now lasts up to 6 showers instead of 3.

Mr R Coleman     Aldermarston

Our new mixer and water saving shower kit is now installed. I tested the flow out of interest as it seemed to be really pumping out like our old power shower. We have gone from 25 litres per minute to 8 litres per minute with top notch performance. What a surprise it actually does what you said it would.

T. Canding    Peterborough

Last year I fitted one of your aerated shower heads. Please find attached photocopy of my gas bill rebate £110. We have not changed anything in the house or our routine. It must have been the shower and hot water saving. Thank you so much and good luck with them

S. Wellings    Milton Keynes

A brilliant! product.  I love power showers and thought this would affect the pressure of my current shower but it doesn’t feel any less.

Please can you let me know where I can obtain more to give to my family and friends?

Ms A Hollingsworth   Solihull


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