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Does Your Building Have The Following Symptoms?

  • Running out of Hot Water at Times of Peak Demand
  • Fluctuating Flows at OutletsFluctuating Pressures at Outlets
  • Customer Complaints Regarding Water Supply

Challis Water Controls Have the Solution

Total Building Control TBC© as the name suggests is an innovative approach to water saving and control developed by Challis Water Controls.  The key to the TBC© concept is the balancing of water supplies flows and pressures within the complete building.

Many buildings have multi outlets spread over different floors this consequently results in some outlets producing varying levels of flow and pressure often resulting in some outlets having an oversupply at high pressure and some outlets little or no supply and negligible pressure.  Our aim using the TBC© concept is to balance the supply throughout the building by the careful considered installation of water efficient products throughout the building thus evening out pressures and flows throughout. Saving Water,  Saving Money,  Improving Performance.

Case Study: Hotel

Problem: At times of peak demand some bathrooms within the hotel were running out of water whilst some bathrooms had plenty of pressure and flow

Solution: Fitting of water saving showers, taps and bath fill aerators restricted the flow to all outlets balancing demand and supply throughout the building negating the occurrence of over and under supply to some bathrooms whilst at the same time not degrading performance and customer comfort.


  • Balanced Flow and Pressure At All Outlets
  • Water Saving, Cutting Bills
  • Energy (Heating) Savings, Cutting Bills
  • Not Running Out of Hot Water at Times of Peak Demand
  • Reduced Hot Water Storage Requirement
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction



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