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Off Setting Your Organisations Carbon Footprint organisations have a significant gap between  their current carbon footprint and their aspirations of achieving carbon neutrality.  This gap at first can appear unbridgeable. At Challis Water Controls we can now bridge that gap quickly and cost effectively with our bespoke carbon offset scheme. Unlike many other offset schemes ours is not based on planting trees or building wind farms in far off places.  The Challis offset scheme can designed around your staff or your client base. Making the saving close to home and most importantly directly associated with your organisation. The Challis Offset scheme is designed, implemented and administered by ourselves specifically to suit your organisations requirements and as such you have direct control and ownership of your own offset scheme at all stages.

The track record of our offset schemes is unrivalled with our most recent success being CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target Scheme).  This scheme was initiated by the UK Government and Administered by OFGEM under which we generated and supplied over 4 million tonnes of carbon offset in 6 months

The Challis Offset Schemes are internationally approved and verified by the worlds top Voluntary Carbon Registries including Gold Standard and Voluntary Carbon Registry (VCR). This approval/verification guarantees that you are getting the very best internationally approved, verified and auditable voluntary carbon offset allowances

Carbon Reduction As A Marketing Tool Offering Real Advantages to Your Organisation and Your Clients

  • Suitable for Large or Small Organisations
  • Proven Results
  • Already in over 4 Million UK Homes
  • Already Saved over 4 million tonnes CO2
  • £ : Kg The Most Cost Effective Method of Carbon Reduction (after basic effeciency measures)
  • Significantly Reduce or Neutralize Your Organisations Carbon Footprint
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Simple
  • No Design, Implementation or Administration Requirement
  • Scheme Quick & Easy to Implement
  • Internationally Approved & Verified
  • Unique Schemes Based On Your Organisation & Business
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Improved Eco Credentials
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Powerful Data Gathering Tool
  • PR & Media Opportunities
  • Differentiates From Competitors
  • New USP's
  • Real Added Value


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Using Water Widget Product as a Data Gathering Tool

Water Widget products are an ideal FREE givaway to customers in exchange for their contact details.

Customers seldom purchase on their first visit to a web site.  They are normally in browsing mode and will go on to browse many alternative web sites.  This gives your competitors several sales opportunities before the customer comes back to you. However, if you have managed to secure the customers contact details before they leave your site you can continue to engage with them throughout the browsing process, dramatically increasing the likelihood of them returning to your site in purchase mode. A Real Competitive Advantage.

How do you extract valuable contact details from a client that is just browsing?

You provide them with something that is FREE and of REAL ADDED VALUE to them, in exchange for their contact details.

 Every web shopper is looking for a bargain and is often happy to exchange their contact details for something that is of value to them.  At Challis we have already proven this process with over 4 million Water Widget Cistern bags already willingly exchanged for customer contact details.  Securing new customers and ongoing business for some of the UK best known high street names and energy companies.

 Challis Water Widget products have been proven to save over £100's per annum off customers Water & Energy utility bills, this is of real added value to the customer.  The units areeasy to distribute, require no maintenance, have a low unit cost and as such is ideal as a FREE give-away in return for customer contact details that could generate significant revenue for you now and into the future. For moredetails as to how Water Widget Products can assist your organisation in gathering client contact data CLICK HERE




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