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Working For a Better Environment



Challis Water Controls main aim has always been to work hard to bring about a healthier and more sustainable environment.  We are now steeping up the battle against those little day-to-day environmental problems, since experience has shown that they effect us just as much as the bigger issues but are far easier to resolve or reduce.

With this in mind and as part of our ambition to always see the bigger picture we have developed EcoSafe® (EcoSafe is registered Trade Mark of FM Mattsson) which has been specifically designed to ensure that the total environmental impact of our business is as small as possible.

 This enables us then to concentrate on minimizing the environmental burden on our customers.

Solving environmental issues of this type is not easy.  We have had to combine all the experience, technical expertise and commitment available within our company.  Together we have examined everything from energy saving and water saving mixer technology to transport and energy consumption in our factories

Researchers and experts have been in agreement for a long time.   We humans are having an increasingly big impact on the planet.  We intend to do what we can to bring about a step change and help you our customers do the same.

Lots of Little Changes Add Up

Some of the Changes we have Implemented

Carbon Footprint & Embedded Energy

We have now implemented a policy of calculating a detailing the carbon footprint of our individual products and their embedded energy.  This enables us not only to continually monitor and reduce our carbon impact but also provide our clients with the data to reduce carbon footprint by informed choice.


All our products are fully recyclable thanks to our use of less brass and more recyclable polymers.  We have also introduced a recycling scheme that enables client to return units that have reached the end of their usefbottonully life by post orto local recycling centers.


Fewer manufacturing steps mean less energy consumption.  This reduces waste and metal swarf, which in turn means less embedded energy. Wherever possible in our

manufacturing process we use renewable sources of energy for example hydro electric power in our factories in Sweden which significantly reduces our environmental impact

UsingUsing Resources Efficiently

This means minimizing energy consumption during production and transport.  It also means that we use less of the materials that take a lot of energy to produce.  We focus our energy saving efforts on items that use most energy at the manufacturing stage.


Our packaging is designed to make recycling easy on the building sites and at workplaces.  Internally we also recycle and re-use metal, plastic and paper.



It is our policy wherever possible to use partners within the supply chain that have ISO14001 Environmental Quality Assurance thus reducing the carbon impact of our delivery and logistics.

Ceramic Seals

Puts a stop to dripping taps and wasted water & energy

Eco Diffuser

Automatically cuts consumption of hot and cold water by limiting the maximum flow.  You hardly notice the difference, but save thousands of liters and the energy associated with heating that water.

Cold Start

When you turn on a Challis tap with the lever pointing straight ahead it only supplies cold water, not mixed hot and cold as with a conventional tap.  This means that you reduce hot water consumption without loosing any of the convenience.

Soft Closing

This introduces a very slight resistance and delay when you turn off the tap. It eliminates water hammer knocking in the pipework, which in turn prolongs the life of your tap and pipework.


Thanks to the use of alternate materials and smaller quantities our new range of taps are lighter in weight, which reduces energy consumption and emissions during transport and ware house handling.


We always use water to wash oil from all our parts.  The oil is them recovered in a closed treatment system.
Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction Partners

Working to reduce our carbon impact and that of our clients we have developed a network of Carbon Reduction partners all of which are leaders in their own particular field of expertise covering all aspects of water, energy conservation and consultancy.  Having worked closely with all our partners over the years we are pleased to recommend them.





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