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We at Challis Water Controls are experts in water and energy efficiency and the first company to introduce aerated shower heads to the UK over 15 years ago.

We have recently completed a nationwide energy/water efficiency project in partnership with the Government & OFGEM, saving over 4 million tonnes of carbon and 200 billion litres of water in households across the UK.

We have been discussing supplying our shower heads with many NHS trusts and have discovered an increasing number of them have started throwing their heads away after each quarter instead of de-scaling and cleaning them. They do this because of the time implication to their maintenance staff, it is simply more cost efficient to discard rather than clean. However this practice is not very popular with the estates staff because of its wasteful nature and is seen to be not very environmentally sound.


How The Challis Recycle Scheme Works

Our WRAS approved hand held shower heads are manufactured in the UK from high quality ABS anti-microbial plastic. Because the shower heads have only been used for 3 months it is actually cost effective to recycle them at the end of each quarter.

The scheme can be just the showerheads or with a white, smooth flexi hose.

· We supply the appropriate number of showerheads/hoses to the hospital.
· Maintenance staff install new showerheads/hoses.
· Before the start of the second quarter new showerheads delivered.
· Showerheads/hoses swapped for the second time and heads/hoses from the first installation bagged ready for collection.
· Third set of showerheads/hoses delivered first set collected for recycling.
· This continues quarterly.

To watch our new video describing the recycling scheme


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Benefits To The Hospital Trust

· Significantly less time spent maintaining showerhead cleanliness.
· Each quarterly delivery the face and collar of the showerhead will be a different colour from the previous (colours tbc) this will allow easy monitoring of which units have been changed.
· Fast ROI showerheads can save up to 50% on water, sewage and gas.
· Less need to store and handle cleaning chemicals.
· Showerheads are WRAS approved.
· Our technology is OFGEM accredited to help reduce CRC.
· Environmentally friendly — heads recycled instead of incinerated or thrown away.

Infection Control Benefits

Challis showerheads can significantly reduce bacteria growth for the following reasons:

· Manufactured in the UK from ABS anti-microbial plastic which is already used within the NHS and proven to reduce bacteria growth.
· Helps prevent patient to patient transfer of bacteria - the anti-microbial properties are on the external and the internal surfaces of the showerhead.
· Bacteria thrive on the warm wet surfaces of showerheads particularly multi function spray heads and the ones which have rubber protruding through the holes which aid in scale removal, they live and breed in the mechanism and channels or between the rubber and the showerhead itself. Challis showerheads have a fixed spray, no moving parts and no rubber face plate
· When the shower is turned off water drains completly from the showerhead leaving it dry helping prevent bio film growth and scale formation.
· We do not claim to disinfect the water passing through our showerhead, nor do we advise making any changes to your current cleaning regime. But with the anti-microbial properties within our heads and hoses any bacteria including legionella that comes in contact with surfaces will be killed within 24 hours.
· Because there are no moving parts, flow channels etc there are no “nooks and crannies” for the bacteria to hide in and any that do settle on the plastic will be quickly eliminated.
· Because the head drains after it’s turned off less scale forms and does not provide a home for the legionella bacteria to grow. 

To view our new video about the Ag+ Anti Bacterial Shower Head CLICK HERE

Water, Energy & Carbon Reduction

We are the only showerhead manufacturer to have OFGEM accreditation, it means we can guarantee an organisation a minimum of 1 tonne of carbon saving off their CRC.

Fitting our showerheads is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Below is a link to a short video that demonstrates how our showerheads work.

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Our showerhead technology is used by many organisations including David Lloyds Health Clubs, Bannatynes Fitness, Accor Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Jurys Inns, MacDonald Hotels, Alton Towers Hotels, NHS Trusts, Ministry of Defence and many housing associations.

We believe by fitting our anti-microbial showerheads and shower hoses you are significantly improving the protection you give your patients against potentially harmful bacteria whilst showering. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and make substantial savings on water, sewage and gas



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