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How Challis Water Controls Can Help Cut Utility Bills & Operating Costs


Cutting Carbon Output

Coming into force in January 2010, the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a mandatory scheme operated by DEFRA, who will impose fines on any business that fulfils the entry criteria but does not participate or comply fully. If your organization, including any parent company and subsidiaries, spends more than £500,000 a year on energy then you’re likely to be included. The proposed annual consumption threshold is over 6GWh across all of your half hourly metered sites. We recognize that the CRC will make it increasingly important for businesses to be able to understand exactly how they use water & energy and to have a clear plan of action to reduce consumption.

Measure, Monitor and Minimize are the key steps that need to be taken to put businesses back in command. Challis Water Controls will help deliver a long-term and sustainable reduction in water & energy consumption, helping your business and your clients succeed in the low carbon economy.


Cutting Tax Liability

Challis Water Control products are approved and included on the DEFRA sponsored Water Technology List.  This enables your organisation to claim 100% tax relief on not only the capital cost of the equipment but also 100% tax relief on any installation costs directly attributable to the units.  In real cash terms this can be equal to as much as 60% extra discount.  Inclusion of any product on the WTL list is a result of very stringent testing and compliance with particular emphasis on performance.  When selecting units for your application you need to ask yourself if a product is not listed WHY? Selecting our units on the WTL list also re enforces your company’s commitment to saving our planets valuable resources’ and reducing your organisations carbon footprint whilst at the same time meeting the New Code for Sustainable Building. Saving Water, Saving the Planet & Saving Costs



Cutting Utility Costs

Within a more competitive business environment the ability to reduce overheads is of vital importance. As a direct result of reducing water volume water utility costs are dramatically reduced. As the requirement for water is reduced consequently the requirement to heat that water is reduced resulting in not only lower water but also lower energy utility costs. The ability for your organisation to reduce particularly its energy costs now and into the future is of vital importance particularly during these times of increasing gas and oil prices


Cutting Capital Costs

Challis Water Controls have now developed WaterGuard specifically designed to enable companies and organisations to fund water and energy efficient projects out of the savings these project generate.  Using WaterGuard these efficiency projects pay for themselves making them capital neutral and in some cases making a profit. WaterGuard comes in 3 options:


1. WaterGuard Supply Only

2. WaterGuard Supply & Fit

3. WaterGuard Supply Fit & Maintain


WaterGuard releases capital to be used more efficiently somewhere else in your business, eases cash flow as no large lump sums of capital are required, helps budgets, is tax efficient and cost effective.


WRAS Approved Meeting Local Water Bylaws

Not many organisations are aware that it is a statutory requirement that any units fitted to water outlets must be WRAS approved to meet local water bylaws.  This is particularly important if the facilities are to be used by tenants or the general public. With a more litigious society ensuring that your organisation meets any statutory requirement makes good business sense.  Challis Water Controls units are WRAS approved future proofing your organisation



Water & Energy Saving Without Sacrificing Performance

Many of our competitors can boast of low flows that match ours with the aid of flow restrictors and other devices.  What none of our competitors have managed to do is provide consistently low flows whilst at the same time maintaining the level of performance normally associated



Meeting Changes to Part G Building Regulations

Over the last 12 months there have been over 600 serious scalding incidents involving baths and showers in the UK.  The majority of these incidents have involved the elderly or children.  In an attempt to reduce this figure government have introduced an amendment to Part G Building Regulations regarding safety in which all baths and shower must have a minimum requirement of TMV 2 anti scald protection.

In addition to these safety changes within Part G are changes to the water efficiency regulations. In order to reduce water demand on a supply infrastructure that is now at capacity the Government has now introduced changes which requires builders & developers to fit water efficient products in any new development, reducing usage from 150 litres per person per day to 125 litres. Inclusion of water and energy efficient products within specification will provide real and tangible added value to the customer in the form of reduced utility bills whilst at the same time conserving the environment.

These changes to Part G Building Regulation are due to come into force in October 2009.

With these dramatic change on the horizon organisations are now re assessing their brassware specification to fall into line with this expected change in building regulations


Temperature Stability at Low Flows

With the introduction of the New Code for Sustainable Building comes a requirement for shower mixers to operate at lower and lower flow rates.  This requirement comes with its own set of problems.  The vast majority of thermostatic mixing valves currently available are not designed to and cannot maintain a consistent stable safe temperature at low flow rates.  This inability often causes them to destabilise and cavitate as they are operating at the very edge of their envelope of performance and creating a scald risk.  CWC units with their patented thermostatic and pressure balanced control CAN run and supply a stable safe temperature at flows as low as 2 litres per minute and when used in conjunction with our shower heads provide the level of performance that your clients will demand and expect.



Cutting Overhead Costs, Price V Cost

When comparing our units against more “competitively priced units” a client needs to take into consideration a number of important factors.  The first and most important factor is that low or budget price and quality rarely go hand in hand. Secondly a client needs to take into consideration the expected useful life of the equipment.  This can be easily determined by the length of the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.  If a manufacturer is only prepared to give a 12 month guarantee on their equipment a customer can with a good level of certainty rely on that as a good indicator of how long the unit will last before requiring repair or replacement. Our 10 year guarantee on mixers confirms our confidence in the quality and reliability of our unit’s long working life.

Budget priced units by their very nature are manufactured to a target price and often compromise safety, quality and reliability. The real hidden cost of a unit is not its purchase price but its cost to install, maintain, repair and replace.  A budget unit that requires only one service/repair visit suddenly becomes a very expensive unit. When it requires several service visits or even replacement then the initial cost saving at specification becomes a very very expensive option. Any potential customer needs to really examine and compare the whole life cost of units before they can make an informed decision regarding the specification of a unit


Cutting Whole Life Costs

Robust construction means that Challis Water Controls Units are built with a long working life in mind outlasting many of our competitors and reducing replacement costs (See Comparison Document)



Cutting  Installation Costs

All our equipment is designed with easy and quick installation as a key consideration, with this in mind our units take a 3rd less time to install which over a large project can amount to a significant cost saving


Cutting  Maintenance Costs

Challis Water Controls units actively reduce limescale build up, extending time between maintenance action by 3 to 4 times longer than is normally associated with standard units, significantly reducing maintenance costs particularly in very hard water areas. This is backed up by our anti calcification guarantees.

The fact that our units are designed for use in the most demanding applications means that faults and repair call outs are an exception rather than the rule as many of our satisfied clients will vouch for


Standardised Spare Parts

One of the major problems facing clients and contractors is ensuring the availability of spare parts now and into the future.  CWC have standardised their cartridges across their full FMM range. So no matter what model tap is purchased or what model shower mixer there is just the one tap or shower cartridge that can be quickly and easily sourced and replaced. Getting rid of the need to keep 100’s of different spare parts for different models.



No Built in Obsolescence

Ever tried getting a spare part for a 5 year old mixing valve?  The normal response is “Sorry mate they don’t make that unit any more we don’t hold spares for it. I can sell you a new one”

With our 10 year guarantees and expected working life of 20 years we guarantee spares for that unit 10 years after it has gone out of production, so no more expensive repairs.


Cutting Infection Rates

To meet the growing demand for products that reduce the bacterial load associated with MRSA, Legionella, E-coli Challis Water Controls is currently developing a number of products with an anti-bacterial capability




   Cutting Environmental Impact

In order to minimize our company’s carbon foot print and environmental impact we have implemented a manufacturing and distribution process called Eco Safe System. Any product that has a EcoSafe designation has been manufactured with the aid of energy from renewable sources, embedded energy in the product has been minimised, all production waste has been recovered and recycled, units include water & energy saving technology, end of life recycling programme is available, distribution routes must meet our ISO14001 standards. The Eco Safe System ensures that units are manufactured in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible. Saving Water, Saving Energy, Saving the Planet.


Cutting Procurement Costs

We keep at least 1 month’s worth of stock available for immediate dispatch from our warehouse in Maidenhead nr London. For non stock items, bespoke orders and large volume orders we work on a 14 day delivery from receipt of order. As an example if you were to require 100 shower mixers on site tomorrow in London they will be there. We DO NOT work on 8 week lead times.


Product Line

With over 19,000 products available Challis Water Controls is a “One Stop Shop” providing our clients with a full range of products covering a huge variety of applications, from when the water comes into the building to when it leaves, we have the products to meet your requirements.


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