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Challis WaterGuard

Challis Water Controls have developed WaterGuard specifically designed to enable companies and organisations to fund water and energy efficient projects out of the savings these projects generate.  Using WaterGuard these efficiency projects pay for themselves making them capital neutral and in some cases making a profit. WaterGuard comes in 3 options:

1. WaterGuard Supply Only      

2. WaterGuard Supply & Fit

3. WaterGuard Supply Fit & Maintain

WaterGuard enable your organisation to pay for water & energy efficiency measure out of revenue budget not capital budget.  All rentals are fully allowable against taxable profits as a business expense.

WaterGuard Supply Fit & Maintain is ideally suited for Hotels & Leisure applications in that maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced whilst at the same time meeting the Government Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) targets which come into effect in 2010

WaterGuard releases capital to be used more efficiently somewhere else in your business, eases cash flow (as no large lump sum of capital is required), helps budgets, is tax efficient, VAT neutral and cost effective.

WaterGuard is for Business User Only

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