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reduction of water standing charges - Aqua-prime

In line with our policy of continual product and service development Challis Water Controls are pleased to announce our partnering with Cadantis (one of the Uk's leading cost reduction consultancy's) as a result of this partnership we are now uniquely postioned to offer our clients a full and unique water utility auditing service, making sure you only pay for what you have received

This part of our service concentrates on the reduction and cancellation of certain standing charges which are billed by your local water authority.

Most business customers do not question their water charges but in our experience many water companies do not have the resources or correct historical information to bill correctly.

Water companies make it very difficult for business customers to query their charges as they request information such as sewer records, drainage plans, site plans to a specific scale and appeals that have to be developed and verified by a water industry professional. This is where Challis & Cadantis Associates can help!

Cadantis runs appeals against all the water companies throughout the UK on behalf of our clients. This service is completely results driven and you only pay if we produce refunds, credit notes or cancellation charges

The main standing charge on your water bill is for surface water drainage which is a charge for the disposal of rain water that falls on your property. The main way the water company charges for this service is on a banding charge connected with the total site area of your property.

If we determine that there are overcharges on your water bill, we will enter an appeal against the water comany concerned. An appeal typically takes 4 months from start to finish and we manage the complete process.

The stages of the appeal process are as follows:-

  • Letter of authority and service agreement to be signed by customer
  • Customer to provide copy water bills and site plans
  • Initial visit by a Cadantis water surveyor to overview site
  • If incorrect charges are identified an appeal is entered
  • The water company will then send their surveyor to confirm our findings
  • Result of appeal and if successful, refund cheque and notification of cancellation of future charges



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