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How it Works and helps prevent water pressure problems

As water utilities companies across the UK reduce their supply water pressures down to as little as 1 bar a problem that many householders and builders are now facing is reduced dynamic pressure and flows which in some cases can result in complete failure of the supply at times of peak demand.

The Challis Booster system acts as your own mini mains pumping station and reservoir resuscitating your system.

A Real Alternative to Break Tank & Pump Set

Often an expensive break tank and pump set is seen as the only solution to many flow and pressure problems.  With the Challis Booster this is no longer the case. We can facilitate a bespoke solution that is both cost effective, small in footprint and coupled with excellent performance providing high flow and pressure where you need it, when you need it, under budget and off the shelf.

Applications & Sizing

Domestic & Commercial applications can be sized according to peak flow requirements using an infinitely variable range of different capacity accumulators

Advantages of the Challis Booster

1 Pumps directly off incoming mains water supply

2. Reduced space requirement.

3. Reduced running cost.

4. Reduced installation costs

5. No requirement for expensive break tank & pump set

6. Dramatically boosts flow and pressure to every outlet.

7.Constant flow and pressure even at times of hogh demand

8. Modular system. Accumulatores can be sized and placed near outlets or aroundthe property easily increasing capacity to meet any increase in demand

9. Quick recovery time

10.Your properties own reseviour and puming station independant of mains supply

11. Improves the performance of unvented cylinders, combi boilers and showers

12. Sealed system so no anti legionell tank cleaning

13. No overflow facility required

14. If demand changes units can be added or removed to suit

15. Only cuts in when mains pressure is insufficenet

16. Energy saving bypass kit available. Not every litre pumped

17.  Acts as water hammer arrestor

18. Quick fit choice of stell or ultra light weight cylinders for quick and easy installation

19. Cost effective and simple to install without buildin g disruption

20. Complete with qulaity in line mains kit in various pipe sizes

21. Reliability & dependability

22. 5 Year no touch garuntee

23. Available with water conservation showers and taps doubles available capacity

24. Eco friendly

25. Quite operation

26. Dry run and temperature cut off .

    Over 4 million homes in the UK already have a Challis Water Controls product installed

LOW Mains water flow rate or volume?

The Challis Booster will store cold mains water at the peak pressures available from the water main and will supplement the water main flow rate to cope with the peak flow required in the building; allowing all the water outlets to be used simultaneously.

Water pressure too low?

If the water pressure is too low this can be increased using a Challis Booster Pump which is fitted into the incoming water main needs no break-tank like other water booster sets do; the flow rate has been reduced to 12 litres per min to comply with the current water regulations. This unit is approx 490mm high x 250mm wide x 240mm deep and is controlled by a micro-processor control unit and will generate up to 6 bar pressure, which is then stored in the accumulator.


Peak flow rate demand from all water outlets in the building 50 litres per min.

Flow rate available from water main 20 litres per min.

Assume this demand is to supply 5 showers rated at 10 litres per min flow rate each for 5 mins; therefore a total of 100 litres of water available from the water main supplemented by a 310 accumulator with total storage capacity of 155 litres providing a total of main and accumulator of 255 litres.

Challis Booster Pump


In applications where where the mains water supply pressure is inadequate The Challis Booster Pump unit is designed to be added to a Challis system on the incoming mains water supply. TheChallis Booster Pump will boost the mains supply up to a pressure of 2.5-3.0 bar in the Challis accumulator   



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