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Water & Energy Saving House Kit

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Here at Challis/BigGreenSmile we have been working hard to save you money. We have developed an innovative water and energy saving kit to help you:

  • Save Water (60 litres per day)!

  • Save Energy!

  • Save Carbon!

  • Save Money!

For £25 this kit will save as much as £200 off your water & energy bills*.

Install these great water saving and energy saving devices and start saving money today by reducing your daily water and energy consumption.

Research has shown that heating water requires about 25% of the energy used within the home**. This water saving kit will save up to 60 litres per day for an average household. That’s about £200 per year for a metered household.

Whenever you shower you use water and energy to heat the water and perhaps also to pump it to. You have to pay for that energy through your gas or electricity bills and of course you pay for the water used. So why pour your money down the drain when using items such as the tap aerators and the aerated shower device in the pack can save water without loss of performance?

But there’s not just a financial cost. As you use water you reduce the level in our reservoirs and aquifers. And the energy you use means more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

So by reducing your water and energy usage you'll reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment as this water saving pack will reduce the average household water consumption by 60 liters a day.

"This innovative water & energy saving kit is a must have for every household in the UK to help reduce water wastage and to assist people in reducing their utility bills" says Jacob Tompkins, Director Waterwise.

Water saving kit contents:

The water and energy saving kit contains 4 products that are easy to fit and will start saving you money and saving water straight away.

  • Shower aerator***
    The Water Saving Shower Aerator is fitted to new and existing showers adjacent to the shower head. It can reduce the amount of water used by a shower by up to 70% which can result in a saving of up to £200 on the annual utility bill for a typical 3 bedroom house. Fitting a Water Saving Shower Aerator saves 30 litres of water per day by aerating the water (mixing it with air) as it comes through the shower head without loss of performance.

  • Water Saving Shower Timer
    Our fun shower timers help you to be aware of how much time you spend in the shower. Challenge yourself to reduce your shower time to four minutes, this will save you around 5 litres of water as well as the energy saving.

  • Save-A-Flush
    Pop this displacement pack into your system and save water with every flush. This will save water to the tune of 11 litres a day.

  • Tap aerator
    The tap aerator fits most tap basins and will save you 16 litres of water a day without affecting the performance. Like the aerated shower aerator it mixes the water with air so saving water without loss of performance.

Start saving now by purchasing and installing this water saving pack straight away.

*Save £200 off your water and energy bills per year based upon standard use within a three bed house over a period of 12 months.

**Source: Waterwise.

***Shower aerator is not suitable for low pressure or electric showers.






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