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Water Saving Showers

Our safety mixers for water saving showers are available in a number of ranges and colours to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets. Built with Safety, Relaibility and Value for Money in mind all our units come with built-in anti-scalding protection enabled by our unique Thermostatic & Pressure Balanced controled cartridge. Hot water will be cut off in under half a second should the cold supply fail.  This unique double function protection provides a water temperature that is always stable and safe irrespective of pressure changes in the pipes.

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  EcoSafe 8210-1500 Shower Mixer EcoSafe 8211-1500 Shower Mixer  
9000 FMM 9210 9000 FMM 9210 9000 FMM 9211 9000 FMM 9211
9000 FMM 9210-7700 TMV2 9000 FMM 9210-7800 TMV3 9000 FMM 9211-7700 TMV2 9000 FMM 9211-
7800 TMV3
Garda Mix Oringo

Garda Mix FMM
9680 1530
Origo 9480  9233-0000 NHS Group
Mixiing Valve TMV 3
9250 LUX Luxury Mixer Kit Micro Thermostat    

All our water saving showers and taps can be supplied with a variety of flows rates to suit your application and specific requirement. For maximum performance combined with water conservation we also recommend out Total Building Control System©


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WRAS WRAS nbs Plus