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Aquiv8 615 Water Saving Anti Bacterial Showerhead Hand Held (ABS Chrome Grey Face) 8 litres per minute

Price: £30.00 + VAT

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Already in Over 4 Million UK Homes

UKs First Anti Bacterial Shower Head

Designed and manufactured in the UK incorporating our patented volumizer technology these units reduce flow whilst at the same time maintaining the level of performance that you require.  The AG+ units also have the added advantage of an antibacterial capability killing MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Pseudamona, Legionella, Mould Fungi & More

Unlike some of our competitors we do not manufacture in China to a budget price sacrificing quality function and design whilst at the same time increasing dramatically Carbon Footprint


Maximum Temp
Minimum Pressure
Maximum Pressure
Normal Flow Rates

1.0 bar
12.0 bar
Male ½” BSP
8 Litres per Minute @ 3 bar

Lower Flow Rates can be set to suit application details on request




Shower Rose

ABS Anti Bacterial Plastic
ABS Anti Bacterial Plastic




CWC615CG Ag+
CWC415WB Ag+

Chrome Finish
Colour Finish

Additional Colours Available on request


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Microbes in our Environment

Bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildews are all present in our every day environment. These microscopic organisms have adapted to colonise and thrive in almost all places on earth. Residual levels of many bacterial strains are of no consequence to human health, in fact they can help build a general level of resistance in our immune system to infection and disease.

So why use Challis Ag+?

Certain microbes are harmful to humans and if left unchecked will proliferate to cause infections and diseases. There is a particular need to control these in sensitive environments such as hospitals where acquired infections including MRSA can prove to be fatal.

Microbes can also be responsible for a wide range of undesirable effects such as product deteriation and discoloration, malodour to name but a few.

Challis Ag+ provides an extra layer of protection when combined with normal cleaning procedures.

  • Cuts water & energy bills by up to 50% with no loss in performance.

  • Anti Scale

  • No moving parts to replace

  • Robust & Reliable

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Reduction in spread of healthcare acquired infections

  • Protection against cross contamination

  • Increased product lifespan and durability

  • Resistance to unsightly and unwanted biofilm build up

Efficacy of AntBacterial Addative:

The Challis Ag+ additive dispersions have been externally tested and proven to exhibit reductions in bacterial viable counts by as much as 99.9999% against controls.

How Does The Ag+ AntiBacterial System Work

Challis Ag+ units incorporate a silver based antimicrobial additive. Silver has long been established as an excellent biocide however it is the unique nature of the Challis Ag+ microscopic glass delivery system which provides the products superior consistency and longevity of effect.

Residual levels of atmospheric moisture combine with the hydrolytically reactive glass to release the silver ions at the surface of the component.

How long will Challis Ag+ be effective for?

Tests have shown that the Challis Ag+ active ingredient continues to work for at least eight years with no reduction in the product’s antibacterial performance.

How long will Challis Ag+ be effective for?

Tests have shown that the Challis Ag+ additive continues to work for at least eight years with no reduction in the product’s antibacterial performance

How quickly does it work?

Challis Ag+ works rapidly to reduce the numbers of living bacteria on surfaces. Whilst test methods make it difficult to determine the precise speed of kill, independently gathered results have demonstrated significant reductions in live bacterial cell counts within one hour.

How we test efficacy

Challis Water Controls regularly submit samples manufactured for external testing. The most commonly applied test method is the ISO22196 . This test method is rapidly becoming the most widely used and recognized ISO approved test in the industry. . For Full Test Data Click Here.

Regulatory Status

The Challis Ag+ is registered and the active ingredient is approved through the EFSA and FDA as suitable for food contact. It also carries European BPD and US EPA approvals. The active ingredient, which is silver, is generally regarded as safe.

Product Leadership through Experience

The advantages Challis Ag+ has over alternative organic and inorganic systems are derived from the combination of consistent controlled ion release, good resistance to discoloration, excellent persistence of effect and rapid biocidal performance.


At home in hospital, on holiday, enjoying time at the leisure centre, wherever we shower, we need the security of a safe system. Our new Ag+ shower head offers the technology to ensure peace of mind, sustaining a continous defence against harmful bacteria.






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