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Water Widget W/C Cistern Displacement Device

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Water Widget Products As Marketing Tool

Water Widget products are an ideal FREE givaway to customers in exchange for their contact details.

Customers seldom purchase on their first visit to a web site.  They are normally in browsing mode and will go on to browse many alternative web sites.  This gives your competitors several sales opportunities before the customer comes back to you. However, if you have managed to secure the customers contact details before they leave your site you can continue to engage with them throughout the browsing process, dramatically increasing the likelihood of them returning to your site in purchase mode. A Real Competitive Advantage.

How do you extract valuable contact details from a client that is just browsing?

You provide them with something that is FREE and of REAL ADDED VALUE to them, in exchange for their contact details.

 Every web shopper is looking for a bargain and is often happy to exchange their contact details for something that is of value to them.  At Challis we have already proven this process with over 4 million Water Widget Cistern bags already willingly exchanged for customer contact details.  Securing new customers and ongoing business for some of the UK best known high street names and energy companies.

 Challis Water Widget products have been proven to save over £100's per annum off customers Water & Energy utility bills, this is of real added value to the customer.  The units areeasy to distribute, require no maintenance, have a low unit cost and as such is ideal as a FREE give-away in return for customer contact details that could generate significant revenue for you now and into the future.

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Over 4 Million Already Sold in the UK

The Water Widget Cistern Bag is a durable, low cost, user friendly toilet tank water saver that can be used to tune up water wasting toilets and make them more of a water saving, efficient toilet. The Water Widget Bag is the least complex and easiest to install toilet tank water saver on the market. The Water Widget is designed to grip seal and stand up next to the inside of the toilet cistern wall displacing up to 1.2 litres of water per flush. Water is saved because the toilet tank never needs to refill the space occupied by the Water Widget Bag with water. Many water saving displacement devices actually sit in the bottom of the cistern below the siphon outlet, where the water displacement has no effect whatsoever. Unlike our competitors our unit stands up in the cistern enabling it to maximise its displacement capability. It saves 1.2 lts to 2.4 lts of water depending upon whether one or more Water Widget Bags are used. The Water Widget Bag is lightweight, easy to distribute, cost effective, easy to install, never needs maintenance, water efficient, water saving, and with full fitting instructions printed on it is a great addition to any water conservation effort.




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