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Bluetooth Enabled shower inc WiFi Speaker



Price: £41.65 +VAT

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Original Challis i-Shower
Music, Radio & Phone in Your Shower
It Will Make You Smile

Love listening to your playlist in the shower?
i- shower has the perfect thing for you,
wireless speaker and shower head in one!!
You can now listen to crystal clear
audio streaming from any Bluetooth enabled
device to the i-shower wireless speaker.
with up to 7 hours of music, news and radio. Just sync your device with the i-shower (from up to 12 meters away!!) and listen to your favourite tunes or even answer your phone!! The i-shower will ring upon receiving an incoming phone call and the audio will pause, when the call has ended the audio will resume playing where it left off.When you get out of the shower you can take the i-shower wireless speaker out with you to use in the kitchen, in your car, at the beach, ANYWHERE!

Guaranteed Smile.

If you don't Smile the first time you use your i-shower
send it back to us for a full Smile Guaranteed refund           
                              We Know We’ve Tried it

Music Radio Phone
Bluetooth Compatible with Any Smartphone or Tablet

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Bluetooth version
3.0 bluetooth
Transmission distance
12 meters [39 ft].
Battery duration
Max 11.5 hours. Rechargeable
Standby time
Max 15 days.
Charging time
Around 4 hours.
Battery capacity
Sealed waterproof
A-grade ABS
Polished chrome

Shower specifications
216mm [8.5 inch] diameter x 96mm thickness
88 angled nozzles deliver a full-coverage enveloping spray.
1/2-inch NPT connection
with all mobile phones and tablets

Package included
1 x Shower head
1 x Wireless Bluetooth speaker
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual and carton package




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