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At Challis Water Controls we have taken the hard work out of finding high quality, value for money water saving products. In order to maintain the quality and reliability our cutomers expecty our products are either manufactured in our factories in Sweden or the UK enabling us to react quickly and effectivly to our customers requirements. Our Units are Not Budget Units from China.  All our products are tried and tested under the most arduous conditions to ensure that you have the most efficient, robust and reliable water saving products in the world.


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Detailed below is just a small selection of our current range which when used in conjunction with our water management action plan can cut water utility and energy costs by as much as 70%.

Push Button Tap
Universal Water Saving Tap Aerator Total Building Control 9971-4700
Aquiv8 50
Water Saving Cistern Dam
Toilet TummyW/C Cistern Displacement Device      


All our water saving showers and taps can be supplied with a variety of flows rates to suit your application and specific requirement. For maximum performance combined with water conservation we also recommend out Total Building Control System©


Water Management Action Plan

  1. Obtain management / staff approval & support
  2. Assess & quantify current usage
  3. Identify primary areas of conservation with water usage survey
  4. Calculate payback periods on WEM’s (Water Efficiency Measures)
  5. Prioritise primary areas of conservation
  6. Set target and time frames
  7. Set plan to paper
  8. Brief & educate staff and students
  9. Allocate staff responsibilities
  10. Identify and repair all leaks
  11. Check & resize water meters (where appropriate)
  12. Renegotiate water utility tariffs with suppliers
  13. Apply for interest free loans on WEM’s from Carbon Trusts Action Energy Programme (If Applicable)
  14. Fit water saving showers (where appropriate)
  15. Fit tap controls (where appropriate)
  16. Fit toilet cistern controls (where appropriate)
  17. Fit urinal controls (where appropriate)
  18. Fit flow restrictors (where appropriate)
  19. Apply for reduced level of VAT on WEM’s (If Applicable)
  20. Claim towelage rebate for swimming pool (If Applicable)
  21. Claim evaporation rebate for swimming pool (If Applicable)
  22. Reassess swimming pool backwash routines & protocols (If Applicable)
  23. Monitor & manage
  24. Reinvest savings in water management plan
  25. Encourage staff involvement in water management plan with incentives
  26. Review plan on regular basis

For Free Advice or Free Water Usage Survey
Call Technical Helpline on 01628 529024
or e-mail: info@alchallis.com

"With over 19,000 products available we can show only a fraction on this web site.  If you are looking for a particular product or application and cannot find it please contact us Press Herewith your requirements"


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