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Worlds First Solution to "Water Hammer"

All FM Mattsson taps include the world patented "Soft Close" mechanism. All currently available taps have a major limitation in that they can be shut off instantly.

This dramatic rapid closing effectively causes a massive spike in water pressure which results in the familiar banging sound in the water pipes.

This is known as "Water Hammer". These massive pressure spikes can be in excess of 40 bar or pounds per square inch. Normal pipe work is not designed to take such levels of pressure and as such often fail at joints or in extreme cases split completely.

The knock on damaging effect of these pressure spikes on the complete water system in a building can not be underestimated and is responsible for £0000s in repair and maintenance bills and in some cases insurance claims.

Tap InternalFM Mattsson have solved this problem by developing the "Soft Close" mechanism which with the aid of a patented piston effectively shuts the water supply off in a controlled manner regardless of how quickly the user tries to shut off the supply.

This avoids any risk of uncontrolled pressure spikes and consequent Water Hammer and damaged pipes. Resulting in less noise, maintenance and repair bills and insurance claims.

In addition to the Soft Close mechanism all FM Mattsson taps are fitted with:

  • Ceramic Discs which eliminate dripping taps.
  • Water Baffle which eliminate water hissing.
  • Water Conservation Control Disc which can be set to reduce flow to as low as 5 litres per minute.
  • Water Temperature limiter control which can be set to a predetermined temperature so as to avoid any chance of scalding and is child safe.

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