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The only mixer currently available that is Ideally suited for use with combination boilers

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What Ordinary Mixing Valves Can Only Do Once FM Mattsson Does Twice

Combining Low Flow Capability & Safety

With the new changes to Part G building regulations all new builds require thermostatic protection on the bath/shower mixer valve.  This does not seem at face value to problematic, however when you combine thermostatic control requirement with a low flow capability as required by the new part G building regulations then problems start to occur. The majority of mixing valves currently available on the UK market work perfectly well at flows of 15 to 20 litres per minute but when flows are reduced to meet the new building regulations these mixing valves will be working at the very extreme of their envelope of performance and many start to cavitate and become unstable whilst others just fail.  Challis Water Controls in Association With FM Mattsson provide units that can work comfortably at these very low flows and still maintain a stable constant flow.

This I How We Do It

This picture is a familiar one to everyone who takes a dailyshower.The temperature suddenly gets colder or becomes scalding hot.

This often happens as a result of someone turning on a tap in another part of the house, perhaps the kitchen and momentarily "steals" some of the water pressure. This is a particular problem associated with multi user, multi floor applications such as hotels, flats or accommodation blocks

Another explanation is that the hot water temperature for some reason drops.

Standard mixing valves cannot handle either of these situations and ordinary automatic mixing valves can handle one but not the other.

FM Mattssons New World Patented Thermostatic AND Pressure Balanced mixing valve easily handles both eventualities

Temperature As Steady As A Rock

Until now, thermostatic mixing valves have been designed to handle temperature variations and moderate supply water variations but not sudden pressure peaks or troughs. Pressure controlled shower mixing valves on the other hand have been designed to cope with fluctuating pressure but not fluctuating temperature.

FM Mattsson are the first manufacturer in the world to combine the control of temperature and pressure in a single cartridge. This means that no matter what happens in your house plumbing system the mixed water temperature in your shower will remain constant. We are the only manufacturer that will guarantee the performance of our shower mixers.

Always in Control Of Hot Water Temperature, Always Smoothing The Pressure Peaks

In every system there are only 2 factors determining the stability of the mixed water temperature in a shower mixing valve, the pressure and the temperature of the feeding water.

If both temperature and pressure are steady you can use any mixing valve and enjoy a consistent even mixed water temperature.

The problem is that this is a perfect system which does not exist in the real world. Instead the mixer itself has to be prepared for "Come What May" The FM Mattsson Mixer is Prepared.

It can handle both pressure and temperature variations instantly and in its stride, delivering a constant temperature at the showerhead regardless of what's thrown at it.

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